Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)

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To Mr. Ellen Burstyn Ellen Burstyn. Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up. Unloved and unwanted, orphan Pollyanna Whittier boards an eastbound train to live with her Aunt Polly, a wealthy spinster. Aunt Polly treats the child insensitively, giving her a musty room in the attic and expecting her to keep quiet and stay out of the way. Pollyanna, with her optimistic outlook on life, turns all the lemons thrown her way into lemonade; punishments are viewed as rewards, unfriendly people in town are befriended.

Pollyanna's "Glad Game" is soon played by all the people of the town. A terrible accident with a motor car as she is crossing the street finally breaks Pollyanna's Porter R. Beatrix Potter Charles Dickens. Louisa May Alcott O. Pollyanna Copy Limited Edition. Eleanor H Porter. Pollyanna Whittier is a young orphan who goes to live with her wealthy but stern Aunt Polly. They liked the bright colors and the expressive faces of the characters.

Patricia C. McKissack lives in St.

Christmas with Grandma Elsie by Martha Finley

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? Brian Karas. Tiffin's class lines up for school by size, tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest.

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Poor Charlie loves school but because he is the smallest, he always has to be at the end or front of the line. One fall day, Mr. Tiffin brings three pumpkins of different sizes to school and asks the students to guess how many seeds are in each pumpkin. Once again, Charlie is discouraged because he feels that all of the best guesses are taken.

The next day, the students open the pumpkins to carve out the seeds. After counting by twos, fives, or tens, the students soon discover some surprising results. Charlie's smallest pumpkin has the most seeds! As Charlie leads the class at the end of the day, he tells Mr.

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  3. Motherless Child.
  4. Tiffin, "'Small things can have a lot going on inside them. Students were excited to learn new facts about pumpkins, particularly the idea that the number of lines on a pumpkin determines the number of seeds. This book is a great story to share with students in the fall.

    Following this story are pumpkin facts and a special note from Mr. Big Brown Bear Goes to Town. Orlando: Harcourt, Toddlers-5; An unlikely duo of neighbors pair up in this warm-hearted story about Big Brown Bear and his tiny friend, Rat.

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    Bear wakes up one morning after a night of rain and realizes how well his trusty mailbox keeps the rainwater from getting on his letters. He then walks past Rat's car which is filled to the brim with rainwater. After dumping it out for him, Bear believes that there is a way to protect Rat's car from ever being filled up like that again. The two jump into, and in Bear's case onto, Rat's car and make their way into town, so that they both can run some secretive errands. After returning home Rat is surprised to learn that his good friend picked him up a mailbox to serve as a garage for his yellow convertible.

    Bear finds out that Rat has bought a treat for both of them-brown sugar for their oatmeal. The text is divided into chapters to give early readers the feeling of reading a chapter book. The pen and ink and watercolor illustrations filled with both humor and charm are perfect for group reading. Children enjoyed the humor, the suspense, and the action of the story.

    They liked the theme of friendship and talked about what it meant to be a good friend. Children also made predictions as to what Big Brown Bear had in the box that he had purchased at the hardware store and asked numerous questions about the story. David McPhail lives in New Hampshire, close to the woods where big wild bears are often within sight. Merz, Jennifer J. Playground Day! Toddlers-5 "Sunny smiles, pretend and play.

    Hurray, hurray! It's playground day!

    Finley, Martha Farquharson

    The playground is a busy place, filled with children, animals, and fun playground activities. Readers solve mini-mysteries with each page of the story, using the textual clues to determine what animal the young girl is pretending to be as she plays. Both listeners and readers loved the cut and torn paper images in the book for their texture and bright colors. Children related well to this story because of their frequent visits to the playground. They compared what they like to do at playgrounds with the adventures of the young girl in the story.

    Author and illustrator Jennifer J. Merz lives in Allendale, New Jersey. Learning to Fly. He could fly until some other birds said "Penguins can't fly. Together they undergo a training program, study books about flying, and try out what seem like good ideas.

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    These range from taping on bat wings, being shot like an arrow, and trying out Icarus-like feathers. Nothing works. One day they see a penguin colony flying overhead and the penguin "stretched out his wings, pushed off, and joined them in the air. Third and fourth graders enjoyed the story's humor and liked the theme of never giving up.

    Students were attracted to the pen and ink sketches with bits of color detail. Children also found the story humorous and especially liked the drawings of the various ways the penguin was outfitted for flying. Sebastian Meschenmoser lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

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    Ali Teo, and John O'Reilly. Toddlers-5; Whenever Auntie Elsie comes over, she plasters Andy with wet, slimy kisses: one on the left cheek, one on the right, and one big, squishy hug. Andy tries everything to escape. He hides under his bed, but she comes in shouting, "'Where's my Andy Apple Jelly? However, one week when Andy crawls under the house, he waits all afternoon, and Auntie Elsie never comes.

    Andy wonders what is wrong. When he finds out that she has broke her leg and won't be back for awhile, Andy realizes something: maybe, just maybe, he misses Auntie Elsie's wet kisses. In a touching reunion, Andy grabs Auntie Elsie, but this time, he is the one that gives her a kiss on the left cheek, one on the right, and one big, squishy, hug. Teo and O'Reilly create their humorous illustrations in pencil, collage, and digital treatment to capture the wacky, whimsical mood of the text.

    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)
    Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated) Christmas with Grandma Elsie (Annotated)

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