Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2

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Several chapters deal with his teaching career at Stanford and the Stanford Public Relations Institute. The collection also Correspondence between Muir Dawson, Harold Smith, and Roger Levenson, and other documents regarding the development, manufacture and sale of the Har-ma printing press. The Bob Harman drawings span the years and encompass 6.

The collection contains more than drawings, about half in pencil and half in pen and ink. Those that are dated fall between and The Tom Harman Papers consist of 7 cubic feet of physical and digital records reflecting the interests and political activities of Photos collected by western artist Harmer, mostly of Southwest Indians, but also of the U. Army, Mexico, and Dakota Indians.

This collection consists of 5 postcards primarily of scenes along the San Francisco Calif. This collection is comprised of material that documents the military career and personal life of Arthur C. It contains The papers include legal documents, correspondence, newsclippings, maps, reports, subject files, and theater and movie programs from Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

The documents James and Edie Harmon's grassroots environmental work in opposition to numerous landfills, mines, and waste projects in the late s and s. The collection dates from to , and includes environmental impact reports, correspondences, newspaper clippings, litigation John B. Harmon practiced law in Sacramento and Virginia City, Nevada.

In , he moved to San Francisco where he was associated with P. Galpin, Moriss M. Estee and D. The collection consists of correspondence and legal papers Construction projects in Southern California, mostly public buildings. Interiors of Union Station. Prints have been produced of some of these images Hancock Oil, Shell and Richfield service stations. The Harmony Grove Church Restoration Papers consist of correspondence, reports, clippings, architect's drawings and unpublished histories pertaining to the restoration of the Harmony Grove Church, Lockeford, Calif.

The collection includes manuscripts, research notes, illustrations, and other material pertaining to Jack Harness, an American Science Fiction and Fantasy fan and writer who was active in Los Angeles, California during the 's and 's. Includes stories and poetry by The Harold A. Parker Studio Collection of Lantern Slides and Transparencies consists of 96 hand-colored lantern slides and autochrome lantern slides, and 52 color transparencies, ca.

Parker Studio Collection of Negatives consists of glass plate negatives, film negatives, and panoramic negatives, , that depict commercial, residential and landscape sites in and around Pasadena and Southern California. The images provide a look at Letters are primarily concerned with personal and family matters.

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Such letters give Contains four signed notes and three paper fragments with signatures of notable persons in history, science, and literature. Items include a portion of a printed title page of a published letter written by Alexander Hamilton, annotated and initialed by "A. Interviews conducted by Suzanne B. Introductions by Ernest R. Hilgard and R. Nevitt Sanford. Copies of photographs inserted.

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Comments on their careers in child development and growth studies, particularly at the Collection consists primarily of writings by Harold E. Also contains biographical information about Jones, correspondence, course notes, news clippings, a small number of photographs some of Jones , radio transcripts for child development programs, and speeches.

Minutes; financial reports; and correspondence relating to the Berkeley War Council Materials about the Council include items relating to child care; consumer interests; housing; education; nutrition, medical care, and health; and community centers. The majority of the papers and articles reflect Harold Biswell's association with controlled burning and forest ecology.

Includes numerous documented photographs and slides of California forests, chaparral, and ranches from the s through the s. One document: Appointment as second lieutenant, by President William H. Taft, 30 July Contains documents concerning government surplus property for veterans, irrigation agreements with San Joaquin Canal Company, U. Contains notes made in preparation for Noble's doctoral dissertation, documents relating to the Pearl Harbor inquiry, ca. The Harold L. Willson papers document Willson's unstinting efforts to make public transportation accessible for people at all mobility levels.

Willson's primary legacy is the removal of architectural barriers on Bay Area public transportation; copious correspondence with BART officials, as Part of a collection of certificates, diplomas, and similar documents, primarily from California. This collection of home movies primarily documents the early years of the Lloyd children and life at the family's Irving Street home located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park where the family lived until , and Greenacres estate The collection contains photographs of Harold Morris, members of his family, and various talents that his agency managed, including the Harmonica Rascals, the Duane Dancers, Yukiko Sakakura, and Tony Martin; as well as professional correspondence; certificates from the American Guild Correspondence, notebooks, diaries, posters, pictures, drafts of poems, short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles.

Re Harold S. Chase, his coming to SB, Hope Ranch development, role in public affairs, including earthquake and depression relief, fundraising for Cottage Hospital, wildlife conservation, , and family life. Interviewer: Ronald L. Materials taken from eighteen scrapbooks that relate to Harold S. Three scrapbooks related to his business interests including drive-in restaurants and bowling alleys ; nine related to his career as a supervisor on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors , One letter TLS from perennial presidential candidate Harold Stassen to Theodore Bailey re Stassen's communication with Premier Stalin, together with related address, statement, and transcript , Consists of correspondence, deeds, agreements, accounts, receipts, manuscript maps, and other papers reflecting Asbury Harpending's business and speculative activities in the Western United States, Kentucky, New York, and Latin America between the years and Although the collection contains Edwin L.

Harper assisted in the area of research, planning, and coordination of domestic policy.

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These policies included: budget issues, The Harper Special Files include information on revenue sharing and Presidential appearances. Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, reports, clippings, and other printed matter relating to laissez-faire economic and political theory, and to economic conditions and governmental economic policy in the United States.

Photographs, clippings, memorabilia, and personnel records, relating to post-World War II American military activities, especially in the Philippines. Photostats, microfilm, and research notes relating to commercial shipping in the British Colonial ports of North America. Collection largely consists of negatives , a few contemporary prints, and contact sheets from selected negative rolls made in Subjects include rehearsals for student plays, parties and excursions, Prof. Thomas Bailey in class, exams, graduation, campus scenes, and Letters between Harper's Magazine and Bernard A. DeVoto concerning his column, "Easy Chair.

Also includes biographical material about Wagner, as well as references to the Harr Wagner Publishing Company.

In addition, copies of the Letters to James Harrell from Jonas O. This collection includes personal papers, working production files, photographs, slides, audio tapes, tapestries, drawings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings. Reports, memoranda, minutes of meetings, tests, manuals for tests, and a photograph, relating to the development and administration of an Army General Classification Test to help select American soldiers for officer training and specialty training during World War II, and Three-page typescript letter sent from Harriett Ashim Choynski to a Mrs.

Neumann in describing the history of the Ashim family in San Francisco. The letter describes the arrival of California pioneer Morris B. Ashim in San Francisco in , One envelope addressed to Lili E. Stephens of Princeton, Illinois, with later ink notation "Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe's autograph. Removed from Montgomery Collection Wyles Mss 9. One letter ALS , signed H. Stowe, to an unnamed friend, offering best wishes for the New Year.

Mandarin, Florida, 11 January One note ANS , signed H. Found in CDCC. This collection consists of the personal and professional papers of Harriet G.

It is organized into the following series: Personal, Travel, Professional, Correspondence and Audiovisual. Cotains 4 letters by Harriet Martineau.

Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2
Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2 Death on Appeal: Gideon Pomeroy Series, Vol. 2

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