La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)

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Bologna: Il Mulino, Nonostante Auschwitz.

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Rome: Deriveapprodi, Capussotti, Enrica. CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Isin, Engin. Being Political. Genealogies of Citizenship. Jameson, Fredric. Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism. Komla-Ebri, Kossi. Milan: Arco Marna, Kubati, Ron. Va e non torna. Lecce: Besa, The reader also gathers that two men treated by Pende had already had monoglandular implants elsewhere, one of them in Austria and the other in France.

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The fact that most of the patients were regularly monitored for at least a year would suggest that they had sought treatment voluntarily. All these groups are treated for a generic defective or excessive genital function. Their sexual function had decreased and the penis was small with rare erections. These two patients, like those in the first group, had multiple transplants of testicle, thyroid and pituitary glands. After the operation both men acquired capacity to feel sexually aroused and the effects of the implants lasted for at least four months. The gynaecomastia decreased visibly, but Pende was unable to continue his monitoring of the patients after four months.

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A third set of observations concerns a man who was thirty years old, suffering from dyspituitarism with adipose gigantism and scant sexual functionality. Pende opted again for multiple transplants of testicle, thyroid and pituitary glands, whereupon the patient lost weight and regained his virility enough to marry some months later.

One of the two men had already been treated in France with a monkey testicle implant. In one case Pende implanted a testicle, a thyroid gland and a pituitary gland, and in the other a testicle, thyroid, pituitary glands and an adrenal cortex. The first patient was only monitored for three months, so the reader is unable to judge whether this treatment was successful, but the other subject was treated for longer and Pende reports that his sexual function subsequently became normal. The fifth set of observations concerns a year-old youth suffering from dyspituitarism with adipose gigantism, euconoidism with gynaecomastia, and genital hypoplasia.

In this instance Pende implanted testicle, pineal, pituitary and thyroid glands, and the implants enhanced his sexual function. The sixth set of observations concerns a year-old youth suffering from adipose genital syndrome and gynaecomastia, first treated with opotherapy for a year and then with testicle, thyroid and pituitary gland implants.

Five months after the implants, the man had frequent erections, and his hair and his body grew. The seventh, eighth and ninth groups were treated for endocrine disorders unrelated to the sexual sphere. The tenth group consists of a woman and two men. The woman was 40 years old and had been castrated when she was 35, and Pende transplanted an ovary, a parathyroid, and a pituitary gland; a 27 year old man and a 38 year old man, both manifesting only weak erections and an inability to perform normal coitus, had multiple implants of testicle, surrenal cortex, thyroid and pituitary glands, which resulted in normal erections and enhanced sexuality.

The endocrine glands were removed from monkeys while they were still alive.

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This operation had to be carried out as swiftly as possible, and care had to be taken to ensure that the animals were in good health. The glands were then transplanted to both sides of the testicular tissue, and, for women, into the deep tissue of their breasts. So the transplants still continued to have endocrine functions.

Some conditions, such as constitutional eunuchism after the age of 60, did not respond well to these pluriglandular implants. However, conditions of physical, psychological and sexual underdevelopment and, in women, cases of amenorrhea caused by hypoovarism, responded well to multiple implants.

Pende does not refer to any of this. Yet, these cases show how men and women were normalised: the disappearance of feminine bodily characteristics such as gyneacomastia in men was a sign of success. Hormone treatments were used to make men more virile. He considered himself to be an endocrinologist and devoted most of his energies to hormone research and treatments. But because hormones controlled sexual development and because hormonal dysfunctions could impact on the sexual sphere, it was impossible for an endocrinologist like Pende to avoid writing about sexual matters.

la Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition) La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)
la Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition) La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)
la Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition) La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)
la Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition) La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)
la Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition) La Gente del Terzo Sesso (Italian Edition)

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