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1. Has the voice of self doubt taken over?

The interesting thing about how our inner demons haunt us is that when we do what they ask, they shut up. When we do that which we feel an itch for, and yet know will ultimately ruin us, we are satisfied for a blink of time.

1. You start each day feeling horrible

And yet, we realize eventually, that if we continue to obey these impulses, our worst fears will come true because we will make them true. We will become shells of the people we intended to be. There are no certain choices in life, there are only paths that have been walked down so many times those who have made it to the end can return and say: this is the way——the only way. You thought you knew what your grown up life would be like.

You fantasized about it, waited for it, depended on it being just as you had imagined. Trying to make them come true now is backtracking. You have to let them go. Just like the ideas you had about your future life, everyone has images of what they think their future selves will be like: how they will look, the age at which they will have accomplished such-and-such a thing. You only owe it to yourself now to become that who you most essentially are.

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  • 2. Tell Everyone (Yes, Even Strangers);

Brianna Wiest Follow. You have to be willing to lose… 1. Your emotional crutches "Courage is feeling fear, not getting rid of fear, and taking action in the face of fear.

2. Your emotional crutches

Bennett Leaving your comfort zone is not as simple as challenging yourself to feel a little uncomfortable now and again. I write for people who are ready to transform their lives. I post every day here: instagram. See responses Discover Medium. This is the American English definition of loss of life.

Past the Finish Line of "Thin": What Comes Next?

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Why Have I Lost My Spark and Feel Demotivated? #UnplugWithSadhguru

Show less. Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words? I'm not involved in activist groups. None of it. Because right now as I'm trying to distance myself from things I know have caused so much pain in my life, I know it would hurt too much. It would be a reminder of who I was versus who I am now, it would make me even more bitter at people and experiences that slowly drained me.

By keeping away, I protect my own sanity and I'm spending time exploring other things I previously wouldn't have. And life's become pretty damn interesting! I'm starting a podcast, for one thing! This might be easier said than done if it's a work thing that's making you feel this way. If that is the case, start considering other careers. Talk to people you love and trust about the things they think you would rock at that you might not have thought of. There is always a way out. And if you feel really trapped in your job and like there's no way out, read this. No really, read it.

Sometimes you just can't see all of the options available to you when you're in that dark place. Tell someone and ask them for loving encouragement and to check in with you from time to time. Don't say yes to things immediately. Take some time to make decisions based on your own sanity and your own wellbeing. This may be tough at first, but when it becomes a practice, you start making decisions from a place of love, not fear, and that's always a good thing!

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Losing Hope in Life

Give yourself a deadline to evaluate how it's been going cold turkey. Take an honest look at your life and see if anything has changed of the better. With a loss of enthusiasm, can come a loss of confidence. And that shit is hard. But here's the thing. If the most energy you have right now is pressing play on Netflix, that's okay. Because you have skills, you have strengths, and you have a personality unique to you, that when combined, makes you a pretty hardcore genius and wonderful person.

And you don't have to be on fire all the time. Whether you feel like you've lost your confidence, or things have been taken away from you, spend some time getting to know your skills and strengths.

A couple of ways you can do this are:. Take the Fascination Advantage test and see how the world sees you.

Start a little book of compliments, and every time someone says something nice to you or about you, write it down. And try and look over it every week. Do something just for fun that involves your skills. Give yourself permission to do whatever you like, and just play. I find a hell of a lot of my motivation by surrounding myself with inspiration. And this can be virtual as well as real life.

I didn't know anyone else who had decided to live life on their own terms in real life, but the guests on these podcast showed me opportunities, ways of living beyond my own bubble. It's also why I've decided to start my own podcast. And the great thing about surrounding yourself with people who inspire you?

It starts to become the norm.

10 Reasons Why People Feel Lost in Life — Purpose Fairy

And for me, that was the biggest motivation in making huge changes in my life. By spending my time listening to people who had taken risks, who were living unconventional lives and doing it for themselves, it became something that was tangible. It became my new norm. Amber Thomas recently wrote a fantastic guest post on That Hummingbird Life, about how consumption can influence our creativity. Give it a read and start your own experiment. Surround yourself with passionate people.

Or spend a day reading every post on the Live Your Legend blog! Write a list of things that inspire you, and for each thing, find a way to incorporate them into your daily life. Here's something I made that sits above my desk and inspires me every day:. Chances are, that if you're all out of enthusiasm, you're also pretty exhausted.

Sometimes the most important thing you can do is rest. And by rest I mean listen to you body and do what it needs. If you need to sleep all day, sleep all day. If you're craving a nice hearty meal, go cook yourself something tasty. Don't focus on being productive, but instead just rest. Your body needs rest. It's not lazy. It's absolutely essential. Give yourself opportunity to rest and you might just find enthusiasm creeping back up on you when you least expect it. This is perhaps the hardest one, but the one that is going to have the most profound effect on your life.

And that's to trust that everything will be okay, that your enthusiasm will return and things won't always be this hard. Things might be hard as hell right now but they won't always be.

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How things will work out is a mystery, but they will work out, somehow. You've got yourself this far - have a little faith in yourself. Your enthusiasm will return. It might come in a different form, but it will return. Taking a break is important. It's not selfish or lazy, it's essential. The world will is still turning and you will find the right rhythm and dance for you. You are one fucking amazing person, and you have a lot to be proud of.

No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose
No Life to Lose No Life to Lose

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