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Devilish (Malloren, #5) by Jo Beverley

He proceeded to capture my attention by being obviously cold, believing in its own omniscience and omnipresence , one of the most prominent people in England, a close advisor to King George and head of his own powerful family, the Mallorens. How can one not love such man and want to read his story?

Except for one small, tiny bitsy thing — Rothgar has vowed never to marry because he believes he should never have children. When he was a toddler he witnessed his mother killing his baby sister and then kill herself.

He believes the madness taunts his genes and he can never pass that down his ancient lineage. Diana, is a powerful woman in her own right, bearer of a title without ever having been married, with a wonderful brain, fluent in several languages and a wicked shot. She too, has vowed never to marry so that her title will remain in her family and herself will remain independent — remember, in Georgian times a woman belongs to her husband. But the King has other plans for her and commissions Rothgar to bring her down to London so that she can choose a husband or have one chosen for her by the King himself.

Having changed her mind about not ever marrying because she has fallen in love with Rothgar, this trip is now the thing she fears the most, because her mind and her heart are set on Rothgar and as her Greek namesake, she decides to hunt. But will Rothgar ever be able to go back in his word and contemplate a future together? And that is the basic conflict of the story — they respect and love each from pretty much the get go and they are fully aware that they are two halves of one whole and that by not being together they are condemning themselves to a life of unhappiness.

I can not really fault the romance or the story or the historical background — again Jo Beverley does a splendid job at bringing Georgian world to life. She is a masterful storyteller. But the hero in this novel could have been named John, Smith, or any such generic name. There were hardly any outstanding actions from his part, hardly any of his scenes in the grand theatre of society. It was not the unique Rothgar I knew from My Lady Notorious, it was like everything I could expect from his story went through the drain — maybe it was really difficult to live up to the expectations — I mean, how to surpass such an entrance?

Fans of English historical romance need to read this classy tale for a fabulous reading experience. Lord Brand Malloren awakes from a drugged stupor to find he is the prisoner of a masked woman who wants sex in reward for saving his life. He comes to believe her but who, then, drugged him and abandoned him in a remote Yorkshire dale? And what does his mysterious, and rather awkward, lover really want? Rosamunde Overton wants only peaceful days in her quiet Wensleydale home, but if she doesn't have a baby her husband's estate and all who live there will fall into the hands of a ruthless religious sect.

She finds the courage to sin, but can she find the courage to leave the man she has come to love? Especially as she must harm him to keep her dangerous secret. When she thinks she and her cousin have made everything safe, they discover that the Marquess of Rothgar is on hand, seeking his brother and intent on revenge against those who have harmed him. The Marquess of Rothgar has been haunted all his life by witnessing his mother turn mad and murder his baby sister. With such blood in his veins, he is resolved not to marry, but then he meets Lady Arradale.

Diana, Countess of Arradale is that rarest of creatures, a peeress in her own right, holding extraordinary power and influence for a woman.

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To marry risks losing her independence, and yet when she meets the Marquess of Rothgar, for the first time she is tempted. She is tempted in a strictly physical way as well, and surely that might be safe when he is the one man in England who does not want to marry her wealth and power. Both decide it would be wiser to part, but then the king, alarmed by awareness of such a powerful woman loose in his realm, commands Rothgar to escort the countess to London. The Marquess of Ashart has been raised to be enemy to his cousin, the Marquess of Rothgar because the Dowager Lady Ashart believes the Mallorens were responsible for the untimely death of her youngest daughter, Rothgar's mother.

However, at Christmas , events conspire to bring Ash into his enemy's lair -- in other words, to join a Christmas house party at Rothgar Abbey.

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  8. Some of the events concern an unwanted baby and a beautiful adventuress called Genova Smith. She can't be as innocent as she claims to be, especially as passion flames whenever they touch. Christmas at Rothgar Abbey celebrates the traditions such as holly, ivy, sugar plums, Yule logs, and mistletoe boughs, but Genova brings an Italian tradition to the mix -- a presepe, or creche. Damaris Myddleton is very rich, but she doesn't belong in the glittering word of the aristocracy. She hopes to change that by marrying the Marquess of Ashart, and when he chooses another, her world falls apart.

    She is prevented from running away by Ashart's penniless friend, Fitzroger, who also helps her regain her foothold among the elite.

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    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition) O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)
    O Livro da Avo Alice (Portuguese Edition)

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