Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous

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Please what about those people that take secular music dance styles to the church. So can such people be regarded also as dancing in the Spirit? Please somebody should answer me. I would say if that secular dance is suggestive in any way that is not coming from the Holy Spirit. And I am assuming thats what you are meaning.

But I am starting t see reports of some the latest dance crazes making their way into the church and I would have a hard time believing that is coming from the Holy Spirit. Aside from that. When I am happy and feeling particularly excited concerning our lovely Lord and father I sometimes dance or jump up n down!

The Bible Verses About Worship And Worshiping the Lord in the Spirit

Not in the spirit. But I also dance with my wife to waltz music , Motown and so on. Why would this be a problem in church or out of church. I hope I do someday seems pretty wonderful. Do everything unto the lord We get so compartmental when it comes to these things.

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When I worship Jesus, I am drawn to the altar. My worship comes from within, but I have been ridiculed and told I just want to draw attention to myself. I know it is the Holy Spirit in me, but I have been told I go to the altar because I am seeking attention. I truly Love Jesus, and desire to praise and worship Him. I do not want Him to take His presence from me, I respect Jesus to much to want it to stop.

Though I find myself hesitant.. King David danced with all his might, hey guys it is alright to praise the Lord. I am in fact very relieved and i will definitively start to learn to pray. One thing am going to embark upon now, is to intesify my presence before GOD and then hope to see how far he will bring me near to him.

God has given you a big revelation concerning praise and worshipping the Lord.

Ekiti Praise- Adeola Prosper

Thanks and may God bless you and the ministry. I often thank God for using me to worship him. The Spirit of God or Holy Spirit will burn on me like fire, and I will jump, run, dance, bow and moan in the spirit. There are times I feel like my body will completely fail me in His presence. God has taught me that I praise Him and He takes me into worship. The above article is good.

1. Declaration of Faith

Actually, one should take time and read it and then ensure that it is implemented in his life. Thank You Jesus. Praise You Jesus. Very inspirational and motivating! We thank the Lord our God for the person who wrote this article; may Abba-our Father bless you!

Prosperous Soul with Stephen De Silva

Very encouraging indeed…. I want to thank the person who wrote this.

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I want to let people know that just because there are non-denominational church that do all these things, if there is no basis from the Bible, not being found in the Word of God it is not true. I myself am thankful because I went through this, it was apparent to me to whom wrote it spoke directly from what the Word of God says. Know that when people search and have questions, there is no same place for everyone to be called.

Everyone has gifts. I myself grew up catholic and am in the place where I am supposed to be now ministry. God does not judge because our worship is not the same as people who we see around us because God has placed something special in each of us and God desires it to be used for His Glory more than we ever will. So if anyone is asking questions, let them ask.

I myself worship God, not because of my goodness, but that I am still here and without God I would be nothing.

All the things in my life it is God who deserves the Glory, Honor, and praise, not because I am without my problems rather because of what God my Heavenly Father has done for me can not be compared with what others have done for me. What God has accomplished in my life, is something only God could have accomplish. So I worship God, for without Him, I would not have life, breath, and most importantly a fulfilled life.

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Thank God for the person who put this out there and told the truth that is for all eternity. God Bless. I would like to thank you for telling me that what am doing is correct concerning Worship may GOD bless u Amen. About Us All Our Articles. By: Michael Bradley. Last updated on: November 14, I believe the Lord is trying to tell us two things with the specific wording of this verse. The second thing is that we must learn how to worship the Lord in the Holy Spirit. If we are to worship the Lord from our human spirits, and the Holy Spirit is already living in our human spirits, then I believe it is only logical to conclude that the Lord wants us to learn how to worship and praise Him in the Holy Spirit.

If we can have these kinds of maximum intense emotions, thoughts, words, and feelings over who is going to win a simple sports game, then how much more should we have this kind of maximum intensity in the way that we worship, praise, and give thanks to our one and only Lord and Savior? Once you break into the real realm and reality of what our Lord is really like and all about — your mind, your heart, and your spirit will want to bow down and worship Him, and Him alone.

You will simply want to give and express, to the best of your abilities, all the praise and worship that will only be due to Him.

6. The Spirit's Role in Corporate Worship |

The community of faith still recognises the Lord and communes with him through these two means of grace, the opening of Scriptures and the breaking of bread, as a symbol of communion Macchia The proclamation of the Word is a means of God revealing himself through his Spirit. The Word has a doxological as well as an ethical function and its effect is experienced not only cognitively but also affectively, resulting in the will to act righteously.

For Pentecostals, the Word consists of a divine encounter, a means of new creation and not only new knowledge Land , creating a zone of revelatory, efficacious grace that causes the sermon to convey transformative power Johns Again, any believer can proclaim the message if he or she experiences the anointing and inspiration of the Spirit.

And because the community of faith have received the gifts of the Spirit and capability of being led by the Spirit, they can actively contribute to the sermon from its preparation to the preaching event Samuel Believers are also involved in the actual delivery, through the use of 'call and response', which refers to a pattern of verbal interplay between the preacher and listeners that shapes its delivery Smith The Pentecostal message allows even for progressional dialogue, consisting of the intentional interplay of multiple viewpoints that may lead to unexpected and unforeseen ideas Pagitt As in preaching, the presence and working of the Spirit is the constituting factor changing a ritual into a life-transforming event and serving to instruct, exhort and model the life of faith Bridges The Spirit is 'the remembrancer divine' and 'true recorder of Christ's passion' who brings Christ to believers in the communion and makes the words of Christ contemporary, incorporating them into one community with the disciples at the Last Supper Green The centrality of the Spirit should be highlighted in the fellowship of the meal Yong because he makes Christ real in the sense that he can be experienced, can act and be acted upon, and realising in the sense that he thereby effects koinonia with God and one another Green The consensus among most Pentecostals is that the doctrine of baptismal regeneration is rejected although baptism by immersion for believers is essential, and even obligatory, for all new converts as an outward expression of what has happened within them.

Baptism is the initiatory rite that allows a believer to participate fully in the life of the community. Failure to follow the Lord in baptism is described as wilful neglect and may lead one to apostasy Tomberlin Water baptism can and should be an ecstatic or spiritual experience, which leads the new believer to deeper consecration Williams because it is participation 'in Christ', a paradigm for the believer's participation in the redemptive work of Christ Rm ; 1 Cor ; Eph Pentecostals should concentrate on integrating the sacraments into the worship experience of the liturgy.

It might be possible that these events can become ritualised because it is repeated regularly, as might be the case in other traditions as well; a theology of worship should allow for the sacraments to be an integral part of the planning of the worship event. Spirit baptism is seen by Pentecostals as the primary paradigm for Pentecostal experience Richie , based on the biblical description of the disciples being filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues Ac , an experience which equips believers to witness effectively Land This forms the context for experiencing the redemptive and sanctifying presence of God in great power Archer Contemporary Pentecostal practice may in some instances be criticised that it excludes invitations to members for prayer to receive the experience of Spirit baptism.

Where that is the case, such opportunities should purposefully be created and built into the worship event. However, Pentecostals should take note of the reality that a segment of its members have not participated in Spirit baptism, leading to a possible perception among them that they are 'second-class' members of their Pentecostal denomination. These members' need to worship should be considered and they should deliberately be made a part of the worship event. Pentecostals are not satisfied until they had an experience with God. Negatively, experience can become the tail that wags the dog, with beliefs becoming secondary to experience or else beliefs are denied as untrue unless they are experienced.

Bezuidenhout Believers are baptised into one body by the Spirit and they drink from one Spirit. The question that needs to be asked is whether believers seek to experience God or seek to experience the phenomena associated with the work of the Spirit Ruf MacInnes distinguishes between the expression of emotion released both towards God and others as an authentic mark of the work of the Spirit, and emotionalism as a selfish indulgence in the sheer pleasure of experiencing emotion instead of being an expression of worship. Secondly , love should direct and guide the way the gifts are exercised 1 Cor Love is an attitude, a life orientation and way of acting and forms the context from which worship arises Pincombe Albrecht depicts a Pentecostal worship experience in terms of ritual sound and ritual sights that stimulate the Pentecostal ritualist and kinaesthetic dimensions, which are suggested by a cacophony of sounds that symbolise an entrance into the very presence of God.

The music is intended to help individuals to taste heaven and the significant visual sight of fellow-worshipers stimulates the participant to be immersed into worship, seeing in one another the object of worship, their God.

Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous
Praise and Worship-The Language of the Prosperous

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