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He suggested that the Northern Irish Assembly should get to vote on the trading arrangements before they even came into force, then hold subsequent votes every four years. Johnson backed down from his original position that there should be an initial vote before the rules come into force.

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At the same time, the EU has managed to slip in stronger safeguards for the situation where the arrangements are rejected after each four-year block. The main losers, however, are the DUP, who were thought to be demanding an effective single-party veto on the plans.

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That veto has not materialized — another reason why the unionists are currently refusing to back the deal. Despite all the noise in recent days and weeks about U.

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Some of those tweaks are there just to make it consistent with the new Withdrawal Agreement, such as cutting references to the Northern Ireland backstop. The new agreement even retains a typo from the original, which referred in section E on terrorism to "violent extremis [sic].

For example, the clauses on future cooperation with EU agencies for medicines, aviation and chemicals are identical. And a clause on the Court of Justice of the European Union being the ultimate arbiter in disputes involving EU law is still in.

The section on security cooperation that London had wanted to change is also intact. The biggest change is on so-called level playing field provisions — the extent to which the U. In meetings with diplomats in recent weeks, Barnier has repeatedly raised the danger of the U. The final text in fact includes a beefed up and renumbered clause 77 which retains the original commitment to "open and fair competition, encompassing robust commitments to ensure a level playing field.

Then comes a line straight out of the Barnier playbook. Brexiteer Conservatives will be pleased to see this but not all of their concerns will be addressed. The Political Declaration is not legally binding. London appears to have given up on its aim of stripping out level playing field provisions. That may not go down well with hard-line Brexiteers back home who want a clean break from EU rules.

How value-added tax VAT will be applied in Northern Ireland after Brexit was one of the last outstanding issues in the negotiations for a deal. In the U. In Ireland, however, the standard rate of VAT is 23 percent, with reduced rates of During the Brexit talks, the EU worried that the U.

However, revenues resulting from transactions taxable in Northern Ireland will be retained by the U. Any concerns arising from VAT reductions and exemptions will be discussed at the Joint Committee which can review how the terms of this article are applied. The deal agreed Thursday includes compromise on both sides. The terms of the Northern Ireland protocol allow the U. Ambassadors and Brexit specialists from EU27 national capitals have been examining the text of the deal since late Thursday morning. They will advise EU leaders who will discuss the deal and potentially endorse it at the European Council summit in Brussels Thursday afternoon.

Another Hurdle in U.S.-China Trade Talks: Where to Seal the Deal

This is all vastly accelerated compared to the usual situation where leaders prefer to have more time for consideration. The political pressure to get on with it now that there is an agreed deal on the table will be immense. There will then be a meaningful vote on the deal in the House of Commons on the deal on Saturday, after MPs approved a motion allowing parliament to sit that day.

House of Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg said MPs will be given the option of this deal or no deal; however, opposition parties could try to put forward other votes, for example making their support conditional on a second referendum. If the deal is voted down in the U. The EU could refuse to give the U. Please enable and try again.

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The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal
The Deal The Deal

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