The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection

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Initially, many demons had odd, otherworldly appearances as well as coming in more human-looking varieties, but budget cuts in later seasons led to ALL demons basically looking like humans with a penchant for either black leather or sharp suits. At times, warlocks are also treated as low-level demons. In Crazyhead , demons possess ordinary humans and go about unseen by most, save for seers such as the protagonists.

They seemingly can transfer from body to body when injured and kill the host upon being exorcised. In From Dusk Till Dawn , demons are residents of Xibalba, the Mayan underworld, and they come with many shapes and powers that vary from individual to individual. It's also established that formerly human souls can be transformed into demons as with the case of Itzpa and Zolo. The culebras are also revealed to be minor demons, or more specifically, a slave caste in Xibalban hierarchy.

Kamen Rider Wizard has the Phantoms , demons summoned by a dark magic ritual which included a Human Sacrifice. They're born when a person with magical potential called a 'Gate' crosses the Despair Event Horizon and seek to repeat the process with others so Wiseman can perform a ritual called the Sabbath. Lost Tapes , despite being about mysterious animals, has a few supernatural demons appear in it. Mainly, the Hellhound and The Jersey Devil. It also features the "Dover Demon" - no one knows what the hell that one was. Reaper 's demons have horns and can shapeshift, but mostly look and behave a lot like normal humans.

Some of them even want to bring down the devil for non-selfish reasons. By planting flowers. Don't knock it, it probably would have worked in about years or so. Not exactly what one would think of when thinking about Satan. Known as the Gedoushu or Nighloks, they are described as evil spirits from the Sanzu River the Japanese answer to the River Styx formed from the sins of deceased humans entering the realm of the dead.

Their appearances hybridize Youkai and other figures from Japanese myth with sea life in the most nightmarish manners, and they can enter our world through any crevice to create the suffering that sustains and empowers their realm. Worst of all, a human can become a Gedoushu by sacrificing their own humanity for eternal life. A race of impossibly ancient Humanoid Abominations implied to be Ultraterrestrials , they see themselves as the saviors of the human race and oppose Ultraman Tiga because they see his protective nature towards humans as weak.

Supernatural : The demons, both the low-level ones and the high-level ones like Azazel, Lilith, and Alastair, are human souls that have been twisted by Hell's torments, Lilith being the very first human soul Lucifer corrupted. Demons are essentially ghosts with a few extra tricks, and similarly can be killed by salting and burning their bones. They have telekinetic power, superstrength, are invulnerable to ordinary injuries, and can possess human hosts.

They can leave the host either willingly or be forced out with an exorcism.

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Salt and holy water are weaknesses, and one can trap a demon in a sigil circle. This is just a basic overview; higher level demons have more powers, and there's a wide variety of them. Demons in the Christian mythological sense exist too, in the form of Satan, though his host of rebel angels is conspicuously absent. However, within the show's cosmology Lucifer is depicted not as a type of demon his own creation but an archangel , thus making him one of the most powerful entities in all of Creation.

He also uses host bodies to walk the Earth, but due to his celestial origins he requires his host's consent, which demons do not. Cain is a third type of demon, cursed directly by God instead of twisted by Hell. The Knights of Hell may or may not be a semi-separate variant related to his mark as well. The Good Place establishes its "demons" stated to be a not- quite -accurate but close-enough term in-universe as the administrators of The Bad Place ; many are there to carry out the actual torture, while a select few are Architects who devise the torture in the same way that Good Place architects create personalized paradises.

They also "wear" humanoid bodies in order to get a better understanding of what being a human is like, and thus what causes them to suffer. There are also different types of demons, though in their human suits they all look the same. Todd is a giant monster made of flaming rock who complains that the human suit is itchy , and a massive slug-like demon is briefly seen in the Bad Place. As for personality, demons tend to act like the sorts of people who get sent to the Bad Place, delighting in all sorts of petty evils like misogyny and breaking rules for the fun of it.

They take delight in constantly annoying everyone around them in every way possible, in addition to more traditional brutal torture.

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The demons find this all hilarious. The Boogieman Sun Moon Stars. Gene Simmons wears face paint, spits fake blood, real fire, plays the bass, sings and rolls out his long tongue. Mythology and Folklore. Beelzebub was a corrupted form of Ba'alzebul, or translated from Phoenician, "Lord of the Temple". Zebub means "flies" in Hebrew, so it was a kind of a Take That!

Didn't help that at least one Baal there were a bunch of them; not surprising since the word just means "lord" in most of the languages of the region had a habit of divination by watching flies hey, the Romans did it with birds A Daimon is a spirit or minor deity that lurks in the background doing minor things gods don't want to bother with, or personifying concepts like Death, Sleep, Famine, Insanity, Piety, and Hope. Generally Kakodaimones were the bad ones, and Agathodaimones were the good ones. Daimon was also used for a sort of personal guardian "fate" or soul-double that accompanied a mortal through life.

Sometimes a mortal could become a Daimon. However, this was simply seen as a different form of existence, instead of a remarkable change.


The oldest sources have Daimon used in reference to the Gods. Few of the Demons were what we would call good. Professional Wrestling. One would be remiss to mention the Undertaker without also bringing up his brother Kane , a. They were billed from Bled Island, Slovenia , wore green-and-black facepaint, teamed with a masked goblin named Kobald, and, until Deucalion destroyed Kobald at the return show You Only Live Twice on May 25, , never spoke on camera. When UltraMantis Black brought Kobald, in the storyline, Back from the Dead , he noticed Obariyon and Kodama talking and asked when did they start talking, and they said, "A lot's changed.

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Tabletop Games. The demons of Demon: The Fallen are angels who were stripped of corporeal form and cast into the Abyss; a recent clusterfuck in the spirit world freed most of them, though some of them were summoned to Earth by mortal sorcerers, bound to inanimate objects, and eventually became Eldritch Abominations. A demon typically needs a soulless body e. They still retain many of the powers they had as angels which range from controlling flame to reshaping flesh to overseeing the dead , but can willingly tinge these powers with "Torment," which makes them more destructive and more likely to screw with humans.

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The most powerful type of Demon was the mighty Balrog which became the Balor after the Tolkien estate complained. They were given little to differentiate each other aside from how Character Alignment defined their behavior.

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In the second edition, due to controversy about being Satanic , the terms Demon, Devil, and Daemon were banned from the game and renamed "Fiends" , which were separated into the Lawful Evil , corrupting, tyrannical Baatezu Devils from Baator; the Chaotic Evil , monstrous, bloodthirsty Tanar'ri demons from the Abyss; and the Neutral Evil Yugoloths Daemons from the Gray Waste, who are extremely manipulative and expert liars. The Planescape campaign setting introduced the Blood War , an eternal conflict between the Baatezu and Tanar'ri, with the Yugoloths serving as mercenaries and arms dealers for both sides.

It did, however, have the "diaboli" — rather, well, diabolic-looking humanoid creatures native to the Dimension of Nightmares who in a bit of a twist and unlike some other monsters from the same dimension were very much presented as a case of Dark Is Not Evil. Third edition restored the names Demon and Devil, but otherwise changed little about their role in the game. They also retained the Yugoloths but did not go back to calling them Daemons , but downplayed them.

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The Blood War was still going. Fourth Edition finally broke the tie between the two Devil and Demon categories in nearly all aspects: Demons are brutish, chaotic, and mindless monsters from the Elemental Chaos specifically, the Infinite Layers of the Abyss who just rampage constantly and are utterly inhuman in a number of ways, including appearance. Most of them are either chronic backstabbers or destructive horrors who wish only death and war. Devils resemble the more "traditional" Faustian demons; are the fallen servitors of a god who murdered another god , seductive corruptors who tempt mortals with promises of power in order to collect souls to increase their power base and grow in their incredibly bureaucratic and back-stabbing society, and most of them are very humanoid and fairly attractive.

In Eberron , Demons and Devils are not a huge part of the setting. The concept of the dimension-spanning Blood War is limited to a single plane, Shavarath, where the Demons, Devils, and Angels are all locked in constant combat. Yugoloths still presumably exist in Eberron's cosmology but are given little attention. The more important fiends are the Rakshasas, who are actually native inhabitants of the world rather than extraplanar beings, and they ruled the planet for millions of years before being ousted from power by the dragons.

The setting also includes two other broad categories of fiend, Daelkyr Humanoid Abominations who are thematically closer to Cthulhu and co. In Ravenloft , Demons and fiends in general are rare and mysterious beings, which enter the setting by transposing their bodies with those of morally corrupted human beings. Once in the Land of Mists, they are unable to return home; many acquire additional powers by performing rituals in various domains. Demons are able to cross sealed domain borders freely, as their vast evil cancels out the influence of darklords in a small area around them.

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  • Derek Landy interview: Skulduggery Pleasant, Demon Road | Den of Geek.
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It defines the actions of the three fiendish races by their motivations: Devils want to corrupt the minds of mortals, Demons want to corrupt the body, and Daemons simply want to kill. Devils want dominion, Demons want destruction, and Daemons want mass extinction.

There are also several lesser races of fiends in Pathfinder , including the Hindu-based Asuras and Rakshasas, the Persian-inspired Divs, the Japanese-originating Oni, the Qlippoths, the Kytons, the Sahkils, and the Dorvae. In Dragonlance , Demons, Devils, and Daemons exist, but they are all subservient to the gods of evil. Since the evil gods seem to prefer using their mortal servants to carry out any tasks they want done, the three fiendish races are rarely seen. Each of the 23 Yozis has multiple souls with minds and wills of their own — at least 12, but the most powerful among them, Malfeas the Demon City , has These are called Third Circle Demons.

The First Circle demons can range from 24 fingered harpists who use time as a harp to beetles that swim through flesh and eat poison. Oh, and shape-shifting prostitutes are in there as well they don't want your soul either, just some flesh to make a baby with way too many parents. Oh, and the major religion of the setting considers summoning them OK as long as you know what you're doing and are a Dragon-Blooded, mortals shouldn't reach above their station, which is genuinely good advice on demon summoning in game.

And then there are the Infernal Exalted, who come from Solar Exalted shards warped by the aforementioned Yozis. While the Infernals start out as humans given great power with a few demonic touches and a First Circle demon's voice in their heads, they ultimately develop into something closer to a Yozi than a human.

The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection
The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection
The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection
The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection
The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection
The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection The Demon Inside Her: A Fantasy Collection

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